Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus

This Friday night we had out Happy Birthday Jesus party at Nana's. We've done it ever year since we were little and we always have so much fun! Here is Nana reading the Christmas Story. The kids were so good during this. They stayed quiet the whole time. 
Me holding baby Noah...I have to admit, this did give me the tiniest bit of baby fever. Now don't go crazy mom, I said the tiniest bit. I thought it would be cured by the end of the night because he was bound to start crying but nope, he was so good all night!

It was a fun night! After the party Me, Ryan, Whitney and Jordan loaded up and went shopping. We didn't get home until late. Saturday morning Me, Mom and Aunt Cheryl got up and went shopping...I'm shopped out and thankful to be done! 

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