Thursday, December 22, 2011


I've never been a hair person. I've never colored my hair or really had a hairstyle. Now that I feel like I'm a "grown up" I thought it was time to get a grown up hairstyle. I spent a good bit of money (something I NEVER do) to go have my hair cut and styled professionally. At a real salon. Not Fantastic Sams or some random place. I looked at it as an investment.

So she cut my hair. To be honest I wasn't impressed, it was basically the same haircut I had for the past, I don't know, forever! But then she did something I had never dreamed of doing...she Poofed my hair!

When she initially said she was going to poof it I had thought surely this lady is crazy. But the end result? Pure Love. I had never Loved my hair like I did that day. Everywhere I went, seriously, everywhere, people commented on how good my hair looked. And yall, I'm someone who never got compliments on my hair. It's just not something people noticed. Height? yes, all the time but not my hair. So here is the picture...I would also like to say I fixed it on this day. So it is something I can actually do at home and not one of those salon do's that are impossible to recreate. Not that I would know much about that since I have visited a salon about the same amount of times as I've won the lottery. (Zero, in case you were wondering.)
It's a terrible picture but you get the idea.

Thanksgiving was the first time my family had really seen my hair and the boys laughed at me for a solid hour. Well the boys and Whitney. They kept going on and on with the big hair jokes. But I believe the bigger your hair the closer you are to God, right, Nana? :)

After all the laughs, I have had numerous request to poof other peoples hair. I would maybe even venture as to call myself the poofing expert of the family. I have tried more hairsprays than I care to count and have found the ones I like best. I've poofed Aunt Velvet's hair, Lindsey's hair and a few of my friends hair.
Aunt Cheryl even had me come over when she was getting ready for a wedding to poof her hair. At first she was unsure if she liked it or not but she wore it like that anyway. And guess what, (I know you know but humor me) Everyone loved it!! She said she got tons of compliments on it all night!!
I have even transitioned into poofing my ponytails. I haven't perfected it yet but I did have someone stop me in the Limited to ask me how I made my ponytail looks so good. Nothing like a stranger admiring your Poof to make ya feel good. So here's to Poofs!

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