Monday, November 14, 2011


Oh how I miss Ryleigh being at ABC Kindergarten. There's nothing like that one on one feeling you get at a small school. I am however so thankful that Tanner is still there and in Mrs. Carter's class. He LOVES Mrs. Carter! He has been doing pretty good in school. He has a short attention span and gets bored easily. He got his report card the other day and got all S's which means satisfactory. I try SOOOOOO hard not to compare Ry and Tan but when them being so close in age it's hard not to and I feel bad that he is going to have to work harder in school than Ry. It comes so easy for her and that makes him frustrated. 

They had the annual umbrella parade the week before Halloween. When I asked Tan how he wanted his decorated he wanted a spider/halloween theme which made it easy for me. He loved his umbrella! 

I wish I could same the same about loving Ry's school as I do about Tanner's. It's been a big adjustment for me. She does great there and loves it. I on the other hand don't. I miss being able to text her teacher in the middle of the day and she writing me right back. I miss the small town feeling we had at ABC. I miss the feeling of knowing that she was LOVED at ABC. The p love them there and Turner just isn't the same. I don't know if it's a public/private thing or if it's just because ABC is small. I'm hoping it's because it's just small. I wouldn't mind sending her to private school but St Pauls and UMS are just way to far of a drive and I'm not a fan of Faith. So it looks like we are going to have to stick it out at Turner. I'm hoping next year will be better and that part of the problem is her teacher being out on maternity leave. She left 3 weeks into the school year and isn't back yet so we have a sub. One of my friend's mom is a teacher there and what has made me not go crazy. She calls me and lets me know when things are happening and what's going on. 

Regardless of my feelings of Ryleigh being in "real school" she has done amazingly well!! We got her first ever real report card and she made ALL A's!!!! Not only did she make all A's but her lowest grade was a 99! That's almost perfect. I'm so proud of her!! She is so smart (sometimes to much for her own good!) 

The other day the had book character parade day. Ry had a lot of fun! They got to dress up like a character from a book and then they had a parade around the whole school. MGM's band and cheerleaders where there too! 
They also had honors day last week and Ryleigh got an award for all A's and being a good citizen! We are so proud of her! 

She is also Miss Popular and has given our phone number to her whole class. We've gotten numerous phone calls from all of her friends this week. I have no idea how I am going to survive the teenage years! 

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Kristy said...

It just depends on the teacher! I have parents text or email me all the time. I like being close to my parents but I'm sure some teachers don't. . I'm sure it's hard being a new school and a teacher missing the first part of the year. I hope it gets better for you!