Saturday, November 12, 2011

I may have a heart attack!

It's no secret that Ryan is a little crazy when it comes to buying teh kids whatever they want. I try t keep him in saying no to the cell phone Ryleigh has been begging for since she was 4. I've also said no to the golf cart he's been wanting to get Tanner but nothing could prepare me for what he recently bought Tanner....

A Snake!

Yes, you read that right we have a real live snake living in our house. 
There aren't many things I'm scraed of in this world but a snake would be top of the list! They just aren't meant to be pets. I told Ryan they are from the devil...I mean it's even in the bible. The devil was the snake in the Garden of Eden. There's proof right there that we don't need one in our house. 

We have had to come up with a few "snake rules."
1. Bring the snake anywhere within 10 feet of Mom and it's being thrown straight into the woods. Period. 
2. Put the snake down anywhere in the house and it's going straight in the woods. Period. 
3. Scare anyone with the snake and it's going straight in the woods. Period. 

When I told Tanner the rules he said, "Mom, how are you going to throw it in the woods if you won't even touch it?" 

So now I'm going to take a minute to recap the animals we have owned in Tanner's short little life: Dog, cat, bunnies, rooster, hen, frog, lizard and other misc bugs. So let's add a Snake to the list...The ony reason I'm allowing it in our house is beacuse it makes this little boy so happy and really, who could say no to a smile like this one....

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