Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There are going to be a bunch of post in the next few days...I got behind on posting things but I want to have all of these pictures in here since this is my only form of scrapbooking.

Last Monday we went to the fair and had so much fun! We went with just us and Mom and Larry but ended up meeting up with like 10 other kids and they had so much fun all riding together.

This picture is awful but the red striped shirt is Tanner riding a big ride!! I was so proud of him!!!
Ryleigh literally rode everything she could. She seemed so old that night. She was just skipping along a good 20 feet ahead of us hanging out with her friends. They were holding hands and whispering back and forth all night. She had a great time!
Tanner LOVED this ride! He literally rode it about 5 times.
Which was a huge improvement from 2 years ago....

We didn't get home until late and we were exhausted. Of course the kids were so hard to get up the next morning so they both got the spray bottle...have I ever mentioned the spray bottle on here before? I need to do a post about it. It's one of our favorite house rules!

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