Sunday, October 30, 2011

Best Husband!

Last week was a crazy week at our house...really what week isn't a crazy week at our house?? 
Wednesday I left to go out of town for work and I wouldn't be back until really late Thursday night. I had work Friday morning and then we had a rehearsal dinner Friday night. We had to be up and ready early Saturday morning for all the wedding activities. So anyone that knows me knows that the only way I can operate our house is with extreme organization. We literally have something to do every night of the week so I like to have all their clothes ironed and laid out for the whole week. I have all of their lunches packed and projects ready every night. 

So Thursday when I was in Birmingham I was kinda freakin out about everything I had to get together and get done. So I texted Ryan a list. Everyone knows he isn't the kind of husband that doesn't help. He does just as much for the kids as I do and just as much housework as I do. But I wanted to show everyone the list because even I was surprised that he had all of this done by the time I got home Thursday night around 9:30. 

Seriously??? How awesome is he!? Of course I didn't tell him that...we don't need his head to get any bigger! Lol! 

On top of all of that, he helped do stuff for the wedding all day on Friday, came home and got him and both kids ready in the clothes he had ironed and had gotten together. Then had all 3 of them at the church on time Friday night! (I met them there from work). 

Thanks Ryan for all you do to keep me sane and keeping our house running smoothly! 

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