Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

I'm sad that my kids are growing up and are picking their own Halloween costumes. I miss the days of Dorthy and a scarecrow and Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. This year they completely picked their costumes on their own. At first Tanner said he wanted to be Harry Potter. I was very excited about that and I thought I would get Ry to be an owl or Hermione ( I know that is spelled so wrong but I'm to lazy to look up the correct spelling.) But One night we were in Hudson's and he saw this G I Joe Ninja costume and he was sold on it. I didn't mind to much because it was only $4. Ryleigh had decided she wanted to be a doctor. At first I wasn't crazy about that idea because it really isn't too cute but she insisted and then it also ended up working out good with a dress up day they had at school. 

Even though I didn't love their costumes since they didn't match, I do have to agree that they were the cutest doctor and G I Joe Ninja ever! We went Trick or Treating in Ryan's granddad's neighborhood. They have a huge neighborhood that gets tons of trick or treaters.

The kids had a lot of fun running from house to house. Ryan had gone home from work and gotten them ready and met me. I didn't even think about bringing a wagon for them to ride in but he did and it was life saving!! He's so smart!
After Trick or Treating we went to Haven Woods Fall Festival and the kids had even more fun their than they did trick or treating! It was a fun Halloween night! 

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