Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Tanner said he wanted to play. We went and got new cleats, pants, mouthpiece, chinstrap and everything else. He picked it all out and was so happy to be playing a "real" sport so he said.

Everything went so good the first 3 days of practice. They weren't in pads yet and were just running easy drills.

Insert real practice and real pads...also insert lots of tears. Lots and lots of them. He hated it. He cried the whole time. Granted he wasn't the only one but still.

Last night he did much better and was so proud of himself when he tackled someone and out ran everyone else.

So I had high hopes for tonight...major let down. He cried for the first 30 minutes of practice. Once he finally calmed down he was having fun again.

He said "before I didn't know football was fun. Now I do!" we'll see how much that changes between now and tomorrow.

But I'll sat what I always say..."he may not be the best player and he may be the biggest crybaby but he is BY FAR the cutest!!!!" :)

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