Sunday, July 31, 2011

3 Ninjas

My all time favorite movie as a kid was 3 Ninjas! Aunt Cheryl had a yard sale a few months ago and was selling the original one that was ours when we were little. Lindsey, Whitney and I would play ninjas for hours all the time! We were ninjas for like 4 years at Halloween.

I was always Rocky, Lindsey was Colt and Whitney was Tum Tum. When we got the movie and watched it for the first time with the kids I texted Whitney and Lindsey "Rocky loves Emily!" they both texted back "3 Ninjas!!!!"

Ryan, Courtney and Jordan are over tonight and Ry pulled it out. Courtney had never seen it!?!?! Ryan said they were breaking up! :)

So here we are all piled in Ryleigh's room watching it tonight. We can't watch it in the living room because it's VHS and Ry has a VHS/DVD player in her room.

If you've never seen it you have to go rent it! Well, actually I'm not sure if you can rent it anymore and you sure as heck can't borrow our copy since I'm pretty sure it's a collectors item by now!

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