Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Harry Potter

Anyone that knows me knows of my intense love for Harry Potter. When I was in high school a lady that I worked with bought the books for her son and he loved them! He was a lot younger than me but she lent me the 1st one to read and see if I liked it. I LOVED it! I finished in like 1 day and was hooked!!! I immediately bought books 2-4 in paperback and read them in like 3 weeks.

The 5th book came out in June of 2003. I had just graduated high school and Ryan and I were recently engaged. We were dead broke trying to save up to get married. The 5th book was released on June 21, 2003 which was mine and Ryan's anniversary. I couldn't wait to read the book but unfortunately the waiting list at the library was 100 miles long and the book didn't come out in paperback for a while. They only had it in hardback and it was like $40. Ryan was working out of town and I remember him coming home around that time from Atlanta for the weekend and buying me all the books in hard back including the 5th one! To this day that goes down as the best present he has ever gotten me. To this day they are proudly displayed in our foyer! I want to get books 1-7 in the Britain hardback. They have different covers on them.

Book 6 and 7 Whitney and I waited in line at Books a million for the midnight release! She thought I was crazy but she loves me anyway and would go with me! :) When the 7th book came out I was really sad that it was completely over. I knew that I still had the 7th movie to look forward to though. Well 2 weekends ago it really did all end. I was heartbroken!
 Jordan and I went to see it the Saturday that it came out. It was such a great movie and I loved it!! Jordan had never read the books so he really had no idea how it was going to end which was fun! Even though I had, it's amazing what you forget.
I know some people think Harry Potter is dumb or is bad since it's about magic but it will go down as my all time favorite book(s). Just this past week I have introduced the series to the kids. We are reading a chapter ever night in the first book and they have watched the whole first movie and part of the 2nd one. (We watch about 30 minutes every night before bed). It's been fun to go back and re read and re watch the movies and books I love so much!! Tanner really loves the movies...Ryleigh isn't a big TV/movie watcher but she really likes the books. I think we'll have to stop them watching the movies after the 3rd one for now...they get kinda scary after that.

The books have so many good themes in them that go way past magic...good vs. evil. Prevailing when the odds are against you, making the right choice even when it's not the easy choice....

Now, I'm really sad it's over. :(

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