Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday rain :(

Saturday morning we got up way to early and headed to Dauphin Island. After filling the boat up (we will never let it get that low again. It really hurt my debit card!) and meeting mom and Larry we headed out on the water. We were going fishing and just going to hang out at the beach. Well the STUPID rain had other plans. I seriously HATE rain! I think it should only be able to rain like one or two days a week. Only during the weekdays while we are at work.

Anyway so once we got the boat loaded back up the kids decided they wanted to go with mom and Larry. So that left Ryan and I with a whole Saturday afternoon to ourselves! We took a nap and then got ready to go off. We went across the bay and went to a few shops. FYI-Belk is having a big sale on Columbia. Ryan got some Columbia fishing pants for $20, regular $75.

I had a groupon to Blue Gill so we went and had dinner there. We had the best time. We sat outside right on the water at sunset. (so cheesy, I know). They had a really cool band playing outside too.

On our way home Ryan decided he wanted to go get a tattoo. He's been wanting this particular tattoo for like 3 years but we've never taken the time to go get it. We went to a place all of our friends go, Exit 13. It was so nice and clean and the owner actually did Ryan's tattoo.

Here it is this morning before church. It says Ryleigh and then when he flips his arm it says Tanner.

It looks really cool. I wasn't thrilled at first about where he got it because it isn't easily covered up but like he said, he'll never have a job where it really matters.

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