Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday's Letter (on Saturday)

Dear Ryan, the above saying fits us exactly. We are way cooler than everyone else when we are together. Hands down. Dear Rain, I am over you, OVER YOU!!! Please don't rain today, please. Dear last night, I had a wonderful night last night at home by myself while my crew was at the Monster Truck rally. Dear Mobile Civic Center, you suck, that is all. Dear Tanner, you start football on Monday, let the crying begin! Dear Ryleigh, I'm ok with you playing soccer but you are also doing dance and/or cheerleading. Dear Bean Bags, you just flew out of the boat and onto the rode. Thank you for being ok and not like flushing $100 down the drain. Dear Pinterest, you are my new favorite website. Now if only I were crafty. Dear Facebook, I deleted the app on my phone this past Tuesday and haven't been on you since. I've actually only missed you a few times. Let's see how long I can go. I hope maybe forever. Dear rain, I'm serious about what I said earlier. Please don't rain today. Dear Ryan, watching you getting beanbags out of the road makes me love you even more. See, we are way cooler than everyone else! I love you more than Ryleigh and Tanner love marine grade bean bags!

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