Monday, July 18, 2011


Today was my baby girl's first day to go to Turner. They have a summer program for kindergarteners called Bridges. It's to help them bridge the gap between either pre school and kindergarten or no school and kindergarten.

It's everyday this week from 8:30-1:30. They play and tour the school and kinda get used to what real school will be like in a few weeks. Ryleigh's was most excited about not having to wear uniforms this week. She said, "At least I'll have a few days to show my teacher I know how to dress cute!" It didn't take her to long to pick out her outfit. The one pictured above is hands down her favorite thing to wear. She wasn't thrilled with the bow but the outfit itself already makes her look to old :)

This morning I was pretty nervous. She seemed fine though. I was just nervous because it was a new school with new teachers and no one she knew. By the end of the day though she said she had made friends with everyone in her class.

She's excited to go back tomorrow and already has her outfit picked out! :) I love that girl. I can't believe she will be an official kindergartener in a few short weeks. I may cry! (doubtful, but we can pretend! :))

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