Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, we are currently on date night. I don't think wandering around Lowes looking at stuff for the boat counts as a real date. I want a redo! Dear Blue Angels, looking forward to watching you fly over our heads tomorrow while we are in the water. Please don't crash on us. That wouldn't be good at all. Dear Aunt Velvet, you are on Ryleigh's bad list. Believe me it's not a fun list to be on. Dear Tanner, you are becoming more of a little boy everyday. This makes me sad and happy all at the same time. Dear West Mobile Football, you have a future Heisman Trophy winner playing for you this year. Dear Ryleigh, I'm sad you didn't want to cheer this year. :( I am however not sad that it saved me around $500. I literally laughed out loud when you asked if you could have that money since you weren't cheering. Ummm....I'm thinking, No! Dear Mom, I haven't wrote a letter to you in a while so I just wanted to say I Love You! Dear LindsEy, thank you for teaching my kids how to swim. I owe you and Brandon the $300 I was going to spend on private lessons! Or maybe I'll just buy you lunch one day. Dear Ryan, when you told me you had to go by Lowes my response was "You know that's one of my most hated stores! It's in the top 3, right up there with Bass Pro and Sams!" You're response, "Well looks like you got lucky tonight because we are just going to Lowes. Unless you want to go buy 1,000 rolls of toilet paper from SAMs then go to Bass Pro and eat dinner there!" Thanks for only making me go to one store I hate. I love you more than you love Bass Pro!

Since it's date night and I wrote this while following Ryan around Lowes I made him add something:

Dear Tiffany, you are the worst shopping partner ever. You hate all the good stores and never let me spend any money. I love you more than I love spending money which everyone knows is a whole heck of a lot!

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