Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ryleigh and Tanner believe the old wives (is it wives or wise??) tale that hiccups mean you are growing.

Anytime they have them they get so excited and tell each other. That usually results in the other one getting mad because in their mind they aren't currently growing.

Tonight Tanner had the hiccups for a long time. He kept saying how he was going to be taller than Ryleigh by the end of the night!

Once the hiccups had passed he laid on the floor and made me lay down right beside him. Our heads were side by side and he said "My goodness! I only need to get the hiccups a few more times and I'll be as tall as you!" He then wanted me to google what causes hiccups so he could make them happen!

How does he even know what Google is??? He's a mess!

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