Monday, May 16, 2011


For the past 2 years most mornings before school Ryleigh goes to Curves. I have to be at work at 8 and can't drop her off at school until 8:30. So thankfully Aunt Cheryl and Mrs. Kim let me bring her by there around 7:30 and she spends the morning with them. They then walk her to school. This is beyond helpful to me because it keeps Dawn from having to take her and then turn right back around and pick her up.

They feed her breakfast for me which is also a huge help! I used to always just take oatmeal or poptarts for her but they got to where they would buy stuff for her. Like Waffles and things like that. They normally always have a treat for her too. She loves going (most mornings) and loves how all the older ladies in there always make over whatever she is wearing that day.

This morning on the way to school I realized today is Ryleigh's last day at Curves. Tomorrow is their last day of school and on Tuesdays since they both go Dawn takes them and next year she won't be going to ABC. I just wanted to tell Aunt Cheryl and Mrs. Kim how thankful I am for them helping me with Ryleigh the past 2 years. She loves you guys and coming up there. Thanks so much!!!

Also if you need a great place to work out you should check them out!!!

Curves Fitness For Women-They offer Zumba and Toning classes as well!

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