Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, The boat show is this weekend. I hope you have fun drooling over all the boats you wish were yours. I also hope you are smart enough to know not to come home with one. Dear Mcallister's Manager, thank you for making my lunch today delightful! You are a wonderful example of great customer service! Dear Tanner, I'm sorry you can't spend the night with Madisson and Journey tonight when Ryleigh does. I know it doesn't seem fair but you aren't a girl. Looks like you'll be hanging out with me and Dad! Dear Lindsey, I love you. Just thought you may like to know that this week. Dear weekend, I'm looking forward to a beautiful weekend. We have opening day of tball and the azalea festival tomorrow. Nothing sounds better to me than a Saturday with my crew. Dear Ryleigh, this past week I had to register you for kindergarten, KINDERGARTEN. How are you old enough for Kindergarten??Dear Ryan, I really, really hope our marriage is strong enough to survive the boat show. Like I said last week I love you more than you would love a new boat but that is subject to change this weekend. This boat show is making me very nervous. :)

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