Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ryleigh & Tanner's Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had the kids birthday party. This is the first year since Tanner's first birthday that we had it at home. We normally rent Jumps a lot or something like that. This year though the kids decided they wanted to have it at moms and have a inflatable slide. They also wanted to have some kids spend the night.

I can't believe my baby girl is almost 5! I LOVE their shirts Gill made them. Every year he makes them shirts as their present to wear at their party. He does such a good job and I really appreciate it. Thanks Gill!
Tan Man is now officially 4! He said he wasn't going to be 4 until his party. He didn't understand that he was 4 3 weeks ago!
I LOVE Ryleigh's face in this picture!

We had a ton of kids there. I think I think I counted one time and there were like 21. Thank you to everyone who came!
This is Ryleigh's friend Madisson. Madisson made Ryleigh the cutest shirt for her birthday. She wrote her name on it and I love you and then BFF. She also decorated it with hearts and things. It was so sweet! Thank you Madisson and Katrina!

Will someone please cut that poor boys hair. It's starting to look pretty bad. :)

This was their present from me and Ryan. It's a yamaha 50 dirt bike. I had a ton more pictures of all the kids riding it and Ryan running behind them with a rope he tied to it but my computer wouldn't upload them.
Funny story about the dirtbike-The night before Tanner went out to Ryan's truck without us knowing to get something he left. Well he found the helmet, goggles and chest protector. He brought them all in and asked what they were for. We told him they were Austins (Gill's nephew who has a dirtbike). He was fine with that answer and tried them on and then went and put them back. So the next day at his party when we gave them the dirtbike he didn't act real excited. We thought he just was overwhelmed at all the people and presents so we didn't think much about it. Later that night he told us that he was glad Austin had brought his dirtbike over. The whole time he thought it was Austin's dirtbike and he was just getting to ride it! When we assured him that it was his he went crazy with excitement! I was glad because we were a little disappointed at first!
After the party the kids had some friends spend the night. Originally it was going to be 2 friends each for a total of 4. In the end we ended up with NINE!! Here is a picture of some of them. We added more as the night went on. They had SOOOO much fun and I'm so glad everyone got to stay. They were all so good and didn't argue at all. They just played and played and played some more! All the girls got dressed up in costumes and makeup and put on Ryleigh's new Justin Beiber Cd she got for her birthday and put on a show for us. They were so cute!
The next morning they got up and played outside all morning until everyone started leaving around lunch time.
I honestly think Ry and Tan had more fun at the slumber party and playing on Sunday than they did at the actual party!
Thank you so much for everyone who came! We are so thankful to have so many friends and family members who love us so much! They had a great birthday!!

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