Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, The above picture shows that you love me. who else would stop by the store on their way home from work to buy all of my favorite things. Dear Ryleigh, making you turn off your TV every night after 30 minutes of watching it before bed has made all the difference in you getting up in the morning. Dear Tanner, 4 shots this week! You did pretty good. Well pretty good if you don't count all the screaming and crying. Dear Weekend, it's kinda nice not having any real plans for you. Dear Lil' Ryan, Happy Early Birthday! I think it is terrible that your birthday falls on a Saturday and the DMV is closed until Thursday of next week. That's just awful! Dear Lindsay, I cannot BELIEVE I missed your "Facebook Official" status! Dear Steven Tyler, I had just told Ryan the night before how cute I thought you were. He said I was crazy and you solidified his argument when you wore the shirt you wore last night. What were you thinking?? Dear Ryan, I enjoyed our night last night. Nothing beats a cup of milk, cadbury eggs, reese's cups and you by my side! I love you more than chocolate binge and reality TV!

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