Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paint Pals & Slumber Parties

I know it's Wednesday and I'm just posting the weekend but we have been crazy busy. This past weekend we went to Lincoln and Lindell's birthday party at Paint Pals. The kids had a lot of fun.
Ryleigh really enjoyed it and surprisingly Tanner did to. He normally doesn't like crafty type things but he painted his whole picture. The lady that owns the place had her dog Tucker there and Tanner loved playing with him. He has still been talking about him since then!
Here is Ryleigh's picture.
And here is Tan Man's. Ryan actually painted one as well and I think I'm going to hang all 3 in a row in Tanner's room. I thought the kids pictures turned out really cute.
Saturday night we had a lot of friends over to eat and just hang out. I love nights like that. Everyone just brings a finger food and we just hang out. A lot of us have kids so they just go in the kids rooms and play. My friend Katrina's daughter Madisson wanted to stay the night that night.
The thing about Madisson staying is that she never spends the night with many people other than like her grandmother. So we really didn't know if she would stay. Thankfully she did just fine! I was really hoping I didn't have to call Katrina at 2 am! :)
I love all 3 of those sweet girls! I hope they grow up to be friends forever!

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