Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tanner had to do this project for school so I thought it would be fun to as Ryleigh as well. We added a few questions to. Ryleigh's answers are first then Tanners.

Favorite food: cookies | lemon pie
Favorite TV show: Dora | Dog the Bounty Hunter and Billy the Exterminator (I know, random)
Favorite color: light pink | yellow
Favorite story: Bible | Noah
Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast | Monsters Inc.
Favorite time of the day: Lunchtime | lunchtime
Favorite thing to do with Mom: Stay home all day and play | color and play playdough
Favorite thing to do with Dad: play outside | fishing
Favorite place to eat: Shogun | McDonalds
Best Friend: Karlee | Austin

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