Monday, February 28, 2011

Tanner's Birthday Weekend

Tanner's birthday was on Saturday. Ryan and I knew we would be busy all day getting ready for a wedding shower we were co-hosting for some friends of ours so we went out to eat Friday night for his birthday. He chose Texas Roadhouse and got to ride on the saddle since it was his birthday.

Saturday morning we got up and made him Birthday Pancakes. I do this for them every year.
He was NOT happy about the sprinkles Ryleigh and I put on them. I though he would love them!
He quickly forgot when I told him he could open one of his presents. We wait and give them their big present on the day of their party. So this was just something fun for today.

I met Mom that day so she could get the kids. She took Tanner to Toys R Us and let him pick out his birthday present. Then they headed to Dauphin Island to spend the afternoon at the beach.
They had a great time! Tanner said is was the most fun ever!
And Ryleigh said it would have been more fun had it been her birthday instead!
Then they headed back to moms to have a little mini party for Tan Man. He requested Mom to make a Lemon Pie for him!

I think he had a great day!! I can't believe my baby boy is 4!

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