Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, you are possibly the most conceited person I know. When I tell you that you respond, "Not conceited, Convinced!" One more reason why we make a good team. Dear Sarah, I think you missed your calling. You are not meant to be in banking you are a meteorologist. Hands down. Dear Paintball Gun, Since Ryan has gotten you for Tanner you are turning our shed all different colors. It's actually kinda interesting. Dear Ryleigh and Tanner, thank you for little moments like the one above that makes me so thankful for 2 kids so close in age. You two make me smile. Dear January, I am so glad you are over. You are quite possibly my most hated month of the year. Dear Ryan, The other day you looked in the mirror and said "You know you look good when you turn yourself on!" Surprisingly, I love you more than you love yourself! :)

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