Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapstick, Bullets and Walkie Talkies

This past weekend we went up to our friends hunting camp. We love when we are invited up there we always have so much fun. The kids play outside for literally hours and we ride 4-wheelers, hunt and practice shooting BB Guns! :)

Is he not the absolute cutest hunter you have ever seen!?!?
He wanted so badly to cross this river. Unfortunately his boots weren't waterproof so I wouldn't let him.
It was the perfect weekend to just be outside. The skies were gorgeous and the weather was perfect!
Trying to skip rocks.
Tanner and his 2 girlfriends of the weekend, Alyvia and Barrett. He asked if they could babysit him one night when I told him probably not because I would have to pay them and Mi Mi or our aunts will keep you for free (haha) he said well I have money. I would pay them to come play with me!! Alyvia then said she would come over and play for free. She's so sweet!
Here is Lindsay and her suped up golf cart. This thing is insane! It's her parents house that we went and stayed at. Thank you so much for inviting us Lindsay! And Happy Birthday!!!!
Please notice Ryleighs boots. She said "Even in the woods you still have to look good, Mom. There is never an excuse to not dress cute!" You gotta love that girl!
When we walked in their house on the dryer was some bullets, a tube of chapstick and some walkie talkies. When Tanner saw them he said "Chapstick, Bullets and Walkie Talkies, that's all you need in life!" I love that kid!

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