Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So it's a big deal at our house that Ryleigh will be starting 5 year old Kindergarten next year. She is over the moon excited and talks about it often. There is something so magical to her about turning 5. She knows when she turns 5 she will get to go to a new school that has school buses (which she will not be riding but wants to) and a cafeteria where you can buy your lunch. When I told her about the cafeteria she was so insanely happy. She thinks it's so cool and grown up to be able to buy your lunch. The one thing she didn't know about and was not happy about when I told her was uniforms. She said "Why would all the teachers want us to look the same. That makes no sense!" I told her that there was no way around it she would have to wear khaki pants, shorts or jumper and a navy blue shirt. The sad thing is, she can't stand khaki anything. "It's to boring!" She said I guess we will have to find a way to make the uniform cute. I didn't have the heart to tell her there are certain jackets and bows you have to wear as well...and you can't wear jewelry. She's going to be heartbroken! Because if I am sure of anything in this world. I am sure that this little girl is a fashion diva who is not going to like the uniforms!
Sorry to tell you this Ry...
But Tu Tu's aren't part of the uniform!
So enjoy your last few months at ABC and with Mrs. Carter who is as fashion forward as you and will let you wear whatever you want to school!

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