Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paint Party Studios

We had a fun weekend! Friday night I went to my friend Mckenzies birthday party. She had it at Paint Party Studios on Airport. It was a lot of fun!
Me and the Birthday girl!
This is my good friend Courtney. I've been meaning to post that Courtney asked Ryleigh to be the flower girl in her upcoming wedding. Of course Ryleigh said yes. Now let's just pray that she does well! Courtney is also Ryleigh's dance teacher.
Everyone painting away.
Mck's peacock. I loved the peacock!!
I wish I had somewhere to put one.
This is mine and Mrs. Kim's before we got started. They draw the picture on there for you and then you just paint it. They have professional artist who goes around and helps you if you have questions and need help.
Here is my finished product! I think it turned out so good!! There were a ton of really cute pictures to choose from but I had no where to put any of them. This one I plan on hanging in Tanner's room.
I really want to get all my aunts and cousins to go one night. You can take food and just paint away. It was such a fun thing to try!!

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Sabrina said...

Looks fun! I've always wanted to go to that place. I'm glad they have professional artist there because I am clearly not a painter!!!