Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, thank you for informing me this morning that sandwich making is an art. I'm sure Ryleigh looks forward to her Friday lunches more than any other day of the week. Dear Ryleigh, you have fell in love with fixing hair this week. You have learned to do your own ponytail completely on your own and have worn your hair like that to school everyday this week. You have also mastered the art of the rolled under ponytail. I really like the bow you added. Dear Tanner, the above picture is what happens when Ryleigh had already fixed mine and her hair and is still wanting to play "Hair Shop." Bless your heart. Thank you for being a good sport. You are a great little brother! Dear Mom, picking the kids up from you on Monday afternoon and you having a complete dinner cooked for me to take home was AWE to the SOME!! I love you!!! Dear Aunt Lisa, Thank you for stopping by Sunday on your way to church to french braid Ryleigh's hair into pigtails. I agree with her you should totally go work in a braid shop! Dear Winter, I am SERIOUSLY OVER you!! I am so ready for Spring and Summer. Dear Spring Break Group, what do you guys think about instead of going to the beach lets go on a cruise! How fun would that be! I think my only obstacle would be getting Jordan and Evan on board with the idea. Come on guys! It would be SO fun!!! Dear Ryan, I say this often but I feel like you should hear it often. You are the best dad. How many dads make heart shaped sandwiches for their daughters for school?! I hope they both look back on their childhood and and realize just how lucky they are. I love you more than ponytails and heart shaped sandwiches with mayo on both sides!

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