Monday, January 24, 2011

Flower Girl

So I mentioned this on Friday but didn't really say to much about it but our friend Courtney asked Ryleigh to be the Flower Girl in her upcoming wedding. Ryleigh of course said she would love to. She also said that she knows the reason why Courtney asked her. When I asked her why she said, "Because all of Courtney's other girls (bridesmaids) are really pretty so she couldn't just have a regular flower girl she had to have a really pretty one!"

Conceited? Just a little.

Courtney has been looking everywhere for a flower girl dress like she likes and couldn't find anything. Finally she decided to just have them made. I nominated Dawn to do it. So this Saturday we went to the fabric store to get everything we needed. 2 hours later we were done! I'm very thankful that Dawn is going to make the dress because I'll come out a lot cheaper.

The dresses are a really light pink and are going to be so cute. The wedding is in March so after the wedding I plan to have the dress monogrammed and use it as her Easter dress as well.

Now I just have to make sure Ryleigh does well in the wedding!

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