Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, I would venture to say you are the best dad in the world. You care about our kids more than anything and take off for everything. I hope you and Ryleigh have a great time at her Christmas party. Dear Ryleigh you make me laugh. This morning you said to dad, "Are you wearing that to my Christmas party?" (buckle jeans and an affliction button up) He said "Yes, I am. Why what's wrong with it?" "I really want you to just wear your old work clothes." Ryan asked her why and she said "Because mostly mommas go to Christmas parties and when you wear your good clothes you look cute but when you wear your work clothes you don't. I don't want every ones mommas thinking you look cute!" I DIED laughing!!!! It was HILARIOUS!!!!! Dear Ryleigh, you are getting 2 letters today because I had to tell the above story. You did so good at visitors day at dance. You are coming along in Hip Hop I pray you don't take after me! Dear Melinda Leigh's Dance School, Thank you for having visitors night. It's so fun to go in and watch them. Sorry that we may have broken the 2 person rule by like 5 people! :) What can I say Ryleigh has a lot of people that love her! Dear Tanner, I had so much fun at your Christmas party yesterday. You are such a sweet sweet boy and I love you. You may also qualify as a giant. You are at least 4-5 inches taller than everyone in your class. Dear Nana, shopping with you yesterday deserves it's own post. But I will say please get a debit card. You will thank me later! Dear Stokley, I think you look good in work clothes or good clothes! Please don't pick up a new momma today at Ryleigh's Christmas party! :)

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Kristy said...

Your children are hilarious! =)