Monday, December 20, 2010


Thursday I had the the pleasure of taking Nana shopping to buy gifts for all of my aunts and my mom. It was spur of the moment but A LOT of fun! It was so funny watching Nana at the mall. She said "You took me to stores I didn't even know existed!" Nana and I both commented on how we don't think we've ever been off just the 2 of us. Well at least since I've been older. I'm sure she enjoyed spending quality time with her FAVORITE grandchild. Yes, I said it. I'm her favorite! :) We got on the subject of my Blog and how much she loves it. She said how proud of me she is then she said "You turned out so well, you surprised me!"

Can you believe it?? My Nana not thinking I would turn out of all people! :) (Believe it or not I was quite a handful when I was younger. I know SHOCKER!! :) )

Honestly, she didn't mean it like that. She went on to explain how she loves that I care so much about our family. She also said that everyone of us has a special place in heart but mine is the biggest! (OK, maybe she didn't say exactly that but you know what I mean.)

It got me thinking. Why am I the way that I am when it comes to our family? I LOVE our family and I always try to make sure we do stuff together and include everyone. My mom and all of her sisters are really close and I try my best to make sure I stay close with all of my cousins.

Nana said she and mom think that it has to do with me losing my dad. I had never thought about it like that. They think that with me losing him that I see how short life can be and I want to make sure we spend time with the ones who are important to us. That may be it...I'm not sure.

I had always thought that it was just because I realized friends come and go but family stays forever. (That so sounds like it needs to be cross stitched on a pillow!) For real though. I had tons of friends in school and at that time they were more important to me than anything. I would drop a family get together in a heartbeat to hang out with them...are we friends still? Most of them no. We still talk occasionally and keep up through facebook but that's about it. I learned that it may sound cliche but it's true. In the end your family is going to be the one that stands by you.

So whatever the reason I am the way I am, I'm thankful to be this way. Our family is crazy, loud, hilarious and sometimes weird but I LOVE that about them and I love everyone in it!

And now that I said nice things about you all make sure you get me a good Christmas present! Ha Ha! :)

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