Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know I've posted this before but is seems like it's happening a lot more now. Everywhere we go people comment on how cute my TWINS are! They do look a lot a like. Especially now that they are officially the SAME HEIGHT! They stood back to back today and Tanner has officially caught up with her. He was so proud!

Everyone in our family seems to think Lindsey is going to have Twins. (No, she isn't pregnant, yet! Hopefully soon though we need a new baby in our family!) All I can say is if you do have twins is, GOOD LUCK!!!
I do hope you have at least 2 kids and I would say it's a good idea (or at least I think so) so have them close in age. My 2 our best friends and always have someone to play with. How fun is it to be 3 and 4 and always have your best friend around!
Because, it's fun to make faces and goof off like this but wouldn't be nearly as much fun if you had to do it alone!

I hope you guys always stay the best of friends! And Lindsey, the more I think about it twins may not be such a bad idea...the benefits of two kids close in age but only have to be pregnant once!

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