Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nativity Set

This morning Ryleigh and I were talking about what she wants for Christmas. She has a few things in mind and they are all kinda expensive so I'm wanting her to decide so I can be sure to get what she really wants as opposed to something she just likes. Anyway though we were talking and Tanner comes in from just waking up and was still groggy and tired. He ask what we were talking about and I told him. He said:
"Mom, all I want is the Jesus playhouse."
"What Jesus playhouse Tanner?"
"You know Mom, the one from Wal Mart?"
"You mean the nativity set?"
"No, Mom I mean the Jesus's playhouse. You know, it has baby Jesus, his mom, his dad and some sheep."
"Tanner, that's a nativity set."
"I don't think you know what your talking about mom, it's a playhouse. It's at Wal Mart in the Christmas section. Next time we go I'll show you because it's what I really want."

Then he curled back up and went back to sleep. He's such a sweet, sweet little boy.
I know which one he is talking about but it's breakable so although it would be pretty in our house it would either not last long or he wouldn't be able to play with it. So instead I found this one at Lifeway. It's made for kids to be able to play with. I think Ryleigh and I are going to go get it for him for an early Christmas present!

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