Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, I come home to find a black Rubbermaid container filled with pine straw in our kitchen last night. When I asked what that was all about you and Tanner both looked at me like I was crazy and said "To get our scent off of our hunting clothes." I then look around and see numerous amounts of "Scent A Way" products on the kitchen table. I'm sorry you stink so bad even the deer can smell you! ha ha!! Dear Tanner, your love for hunting is something I will never understand. Its weird to me that a 3 year old would love to sit in a shooting house and have to be quiet for hours at a time. I'm so happy about the time you get to spend with your dad though! Ryleigh, I am so looking forward to our "girl day" tomorrow. I can wait to check everything off of your to do list. Dear Nana, the above picture makes my heart jump for joy. I love you and I love that even though you have no idea why I was getting you to do that, you still did it for the sake of a funny picture. There's nothing like a Nana that knows how to throw deuces! Dear Thanksgiving Holiday, I am so looking forward to you next week. Dear other blogs that I read, Thank you for the wonderful information you supply to me. 100 Christmas cards for $6.99, Free Photo book coupon code, $5 off a leapfrog book? Yes, Please! Dear Hunter, I can't help but laugh when last night you spent 2 hours loading up hunting stuff, cleaning your guns, organizing your ammo and when you were done you looked back at it all with a weird sense of love and satisfaction! I hope you love me as much as you love all your hunting gear!

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