Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, our veterans day date was Aw to the Some. Spot of Tea was wonderful and I'm glad you are slowly falling in love with Hudson's as well! I think it may be the $2 Sanuk's we got Tanner that sent you over. Dear girls of my family, I had a wonderful time at the Christmas Jubilee and dinner with you guys last night. Just so everyone knows "We are just like you, only prettier!" Ha ha! (I love the Budweiser sign right above us in that picture!) Dear Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, I have never been a a huge fan of either one of you but after your CMA wins and how genuinely happy you guys were...I think I fell in love. My new favorite song is "We are just like you only prettier!" Dear Ryleigh, I am over the moon excited for you about you putting up your Christmas tree. I'm glad you finally were able to talk your dad into letting you put it up. It's looks wonderful! Dear Mrs. Kim (Cunningham), your facebook response when people were saying it was to early to put up Christmas trees was priceless! And I quote, "What can I say??? The birth of the Saviour of the world is a pretty big deal!!! I celebrate my birthday a whole month and my Jesus deserves way more than that!!! Such a wonderful time of the year and I am truly thankful!" Dear Paw Paw, Happy 72th birthday!! I have something to talk to you about tonight. Even though you don't know what it is just go ahead and get ready to say, "Of course Tiffany! You know I will do that for you because you are my favorite!!" (if you say it that way or not we all know it's the truth!! :)) Dear Friday, you feel like Monday since I was off yesterday. That is a bad thing this morning but this afternoon it will be fabulous!! Since I love these girls almost as much as I love Ryan they get 2 post today...Dear Nana, Mom, Aunt Melissa, Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Tena, Aunt Velvet, Whitney and Lindsey, I am more thankful for you guys than I am for Christmas trees in November and Hudson's. Enjoyed the laughs last night! Love ya'll!

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