Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Social Calendar

So, it's official our kids are to cool and to busy for us! Friday night Ryleigh called Aunt Lisa to see if she could spend the night over there. Aunt Lisa said yes because normally when Ryleigh ask it's a week day and she can't. So Friday night we had no kids and no plans. We decided to take advantage of it and went to eat at Wintzells in Saraland and then to Moka's coffee house.

We had to stop by Wal Mart and Ryan found this in the middle of one of the aisles and insisted on riding it around Wal Mart!
I told him that is why our kids don't want to hang out with us anymore! :) I said I can't wait for Ryleigh to get older and we can use stuff like this to embarrass her. He said we won't be able to because she'll be running in front yelling "There is nothing wrong with him!! He shouldn't be in that cart!!" Ha ha!!
Saturday we did something we never do...we stayed home all day!! I cleaned the house from top to bottom and Ryan did a lot of yard work that needed to be done. We then watched Alabama lose! It was a sad, sad day.
Ryleigh had been calling mom all day begging them to come home to Wilmer so she could spend the night! Seriously, you would think she hates her house! :) So mom did and it left Ryan and I free again with no plans. I suggested we just stay home but Ryan had already been home all day so he had to go somewhere. We threw on some clothes and went to Lowes, Hudson's (I got a new vacuum cleaner!!) and Zaxby's.
I hate I didn't get a picture of them Sunday before church. It was pajama day so all the kids wore their pajamas. We actually went out to eat Brunch after church and I had forgotten to bring them clothes so they went in their pajamas and house shoes!!
Sunday afternoon we hung out at home while Ryleigh was on the go AGAIN!!
I did get her to come home when I told her I made an obstacle course in the yard.
They Loved the obstacle course! I timed them and they kept trying to beat each others time. Tanner picked the tunnel up when Ryleigh was in it and made her fall out. She was not happy!
Gus even got in on the obstacle course action!
Ryleigh asked me Sunday night if she could call someone to go spend the night again and I told her sadly her weekend was coming to an end. She said "I'm just a spending the night girl on the go!" Yes, you are! Tanner was also really sad the weekend was ending!
Miss Priss already has plans again this weekend!! She is having a slumber party at Sydney's house. Then a birthday party Saturday. She is a busy, busy little girl with a very active social calendar. Poor Ryan and I have nothing planned. It's pathetic I know.

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