Thursday, November 4, 2010

Principal's Office

Well it happened. Tanner had his first trip to the Principal's office this past Tuesday. It was only a matter of time the poor boy and school are just not mixing well. He got caught spitting on someone and biting a little girl! (In his defense she put her finger in his face. She needs to learn to leave cute, sweet little boys alone! ha ha!! :)) Tanner has a WONDERFUL teacher who is very patient but firm with him which is exactly what he needs. She has been wonderful and called me Tuesday afternoon to let me know what happened. He had to go to time out twice in Mrs. Carter's room (which is Ryleigh's class) and had to miss their whole recess class. He was heartbroken. He kept asking Mrs. Parden when recess was and she would tell him but then say I'm sorry Tanner but you aren't going to be able to go because of your behavior. He would respond but I said I'm sorry!! When I picked Ryleigh up from dance she wanted to call everyone and tell them what happened. Literally we called like 8 people so she could tell the story. She made a point to say he missed the ENTIRE playtime. (Normally they only miss like the first few minutes as timeout if they are bad.)

We talked to him when he got home that night. It took us a while to decide what to do. I just felt like spanking him was a little much since this was the first time it had happened. He isn't really used to school or any type of organized system like that so it's been an adjustment. We just sat him down and explained how he should behave and what he should do if someone is aggravating. We told him at school Mrs. Parden is the boss and he has to listen to her. We told him if it happened again we were going to spank him and take away his favorite toys for a few days.

I'm happy to report when I picked him up today the first thing out of his mouth was "Mom, I was extra special good at school today!!" Mrs. Parden was behind him to confirm it was true!
Tanner, I know somehow you are going to make it through the year. You may be rowdy and hard to handle sometime but you are so cute and sweet that it cancels each other out!! I just pray for Mrs. Parden's nerves! Lord help her!! :)

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