Sunday, September 19, 2010

Show us your life FRIDAY (on sunday!)

So I blog that I love to read is staring a series called Show us your life Fridays! Every Friday Kelly @ Kelly's Korner shows a different part of your house/life and encourages other people to join in and link up. My friend Sarah and I thought it would be a fun thing to do!!


This week it's show us where you live- Living rooms.

Ryan and I built our house about 3 years ago. I love it and there aren't many things I would change other than a 4th bedroom. But here is our living room....

This is when you come in the front door.

It looks kinda dark I should have turned the light on. I really want to get some lamps to put in there but there isn't anywhere to plug them in since none of our furniture or tables are against the wall. With 2 kids, cords going all over the place isn't a good idea!

This is looking in from the hallway that goes to the kids room. The walls aren't yellow I guess it just looks that way with the sunlight. I love the picture that hangs on that wall. My Nana painted it for me.
This is looking in from the kitchen. Notice the play cottage in the middle of the living room! We've actually come a long way from toys in the living room. They used to be everywhere but now we are down to just the cottage. There is no where to put it in Ryleigh's room and they still play with it pretty much everyday so I hate to get rid of it.
And here's our fireplace. I need to get our fall decorations out. I love our fireplace when it's decorated for a holiday!!
Next Friday is Master Bedrooms. Not sure if I'll participate in that or not since we will be on our way to Disney World!! Woo Hoo!!!


Mom2One said...

I love the warmness of your LR. My lil' guy has a tent that's usually out in our LR as well... I do have a love/hate relationship with it, but if he's happy...I'm happy. Enjoy disney!! Thanks for sharing your LR photos!!

♥ sarahbeth. said...

love your living room! i bet those warm colors look great with fall decorations! xoxo

Lindsey said...

your living room is so inviting! i love how you decorated your fireplace!