Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, Your ability to pick out a 4 years old girl's clothes and make her happy and going with the theme at school today makes me smile. You picked out a shirt that said "cute as a bug" a yellow tu tu and a yellow bow! Since she was so pleased with your outfit you can start picking out her clothes everyday! Dear Ryleigh, the above picture of you makes me laugh. You are your mothers daughter!! Dear Butterfly, I think Ryleigh did a wonderful job of making you to take to school today. You really did look great! Dear Aunt Cheryl, I have on your black dress today and have received many compliments already today. You may or may not get the dress back! Dear Whitney, I have really enjoyed the enormous amount of time I have spent with you the past week. Although me may have had one or two domestics you are still such a dish and not a failure as a human!! (I love the Spin Crowd!) Dear Lindsey, only 22 more days! Can't wait!! Dear Ryan, I hope you have a good day off today. I look forward to hanging out with you this weekend at the hunting camp. But more than that I'm looking forward to not having to fix my hair or put makeup on for 2 whole days! I love you more than Ryleigh loves tu tu's!

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