Thursday, September 2, 2010

"B" Day

Good morning! It's Thursday! Which can only mean one thing...tomorrow is Friday. YAY!!
In school Tanner's class is learning the letter B, the color Blue and they are also learning squares this week. Mrs. Parden sent home a note saying to decorate a shirt with buttons for boys and bows for girls. She said don't make it a big deal or spend any money. I was kinda excited about it. I found a shirt that he wore to his 2 yr old bday party and called Dawn to get some buttons. I was very happy with how it turned out and strangely proud of myself!
I was trying to take his picture this morning and he was not having it. Please disregard all the junk in our laundry room.

Here is a picture of the shirt. Notice that it's Blue with Buttons with the actual letter B on it and it has a square on it! I bet he'll be the cutest one at school today! :)

Hope you have a good "B" day Tanner! Love you!

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