Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All Boy, All Girl

I laugh when I think of how girly Ryleigh is and how boyish Tanner is. To be honest when they were younger I didn't know how they would be. Ryleigh kinda seemed like a tomboy sometimes and Tanner was scared to death of bugs or anything that moved really. Now an average night at our house looks something like this...
She saw these at Wal Mart and wanted them so badly so I picked them up and saved them for a day when she was really good all day. Yesterday was that day. They are just peel and stick but you would think she had a full manicure going on! She was to cute with them on.

Last night Tanner went with Ryan to Gill's to work on the boat and here is what he came home with...
Yes, a turtle. I know it seems so cute but it's not so cute at 10 pm when I'm asleep and Tanner comes in and sticks it right in my face to wake me up to show me! It scared me to death!! He is head over heels in love with his new turtle! HE slept with it in a box beside him all night. I talked him into letting it go in Mom's pond this morning. He was heartbroken about it but I told him it would live otherwise.
Mom, your pond is becoming an animal hotspot for our family. Just the other day Tanner caught a small bass and made us bring it home from dauphin island to put in mom's pond!
FYI-I do have some really cute pictures from Lindsey's lingerie shower this past Saturday but I haven't had a chance to put them on my computer yet...they are coming soon!
Also, 3 days until Alabama football kicks off, 24 days until we leave for Disney and 38 days until Lindsey's wedding. Yes, you read that right Aunt Lisa...38 days!!!!!

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