Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TBall is OVER!

This past Thursday night we had Tanner's end of the year TBall party. They had it at the Bay Bears game and all the kids got to go out on the field. All the players were excited, except Tanner. He couldn't have cared less.
I am so thankful TBall is over and I am not looking forward to any more organized sports for him for a while! He just wasn't into TBall. I think a lot of it has to do with his age. I'm hoping he will love sports. The whole season I kept saying...He may be the worst player on the team...
But he is hands down, without a doubt the cutest!
I think he gets that from his dad! :)
In order to hit this ball you had to pay, of course all year we have been trying to get Tanner to want to hit the ball and he's had no interest. But as soon as something cost money to do it he wants to do it. Of Course!

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