Friday, June 4, 2010

Tanner Cole

This little boy is growing up right before my eyes! He is developing such an imagination and is saying some of the cutest things. Tuesday night when they were in the bed we were talking about their day and what they wanted to pray for. Ryleigh asked me about my day and what I wanted to pray for. I told her that I had a very important breakfast the next morning with my regional manager and that's what I would like to pray for. Tanner started asking a million questions about it like why, and what time and what are you going to order. Ryleigh interrupted him by saying it doesn't matter Tanner, lets pray it's time to go to sleep. Ryleigh went first and said,

"Dear Jesus I want to pray for my moms breakfast, I hope it goes good and she is full when she leaves. Amen"

Then it was Tanner's turn

"Dear Jesus, Please let mom do good at her breakfast tomorrow so she can make more money and buy me a kayak. I really need one. Dad said if I saved $25 he would buy me one. I only have $4 so far. Please Jesus. Amen."

I died laughing when he got done. He's been wanting a kayak for a few weeks now. I have no idea why or where he got the idea from but it's all he talks about. Ryan told him if he saved up enough to buy the paddle ($25) then he would buy the kayak for him. Problem is Tanner never saves his money. He always blows it! Tuesday night when they counted Tanner's money they also counted Ryleigh's. She has $21. Ryan suggested if they combine their money they would have enough for the paddle. Ryleigh didn't want anything to do with that idea. She said Tanner is just gonna have to save. He was so mad.

He also has been saying some funny phrases lately a few of my favorites are...

"I bet" when referring to almost anything, "I bet La La has a big frog for me, I bet Ryleigh will let me pick the movie, I bet Mi Mi will be in Irvington when I get there." All of those were just this morning in the car.

"I promise" He promises everything under the sun. "I promise Gus likes me to feed him dirt, I promise Gi Gi said I could spend the night, I promise dad said I could have this Popsicle for dinner."

And my favorite, said in his most annoyed voice "Why did you do that?" anytime he is annoyed or if we did something he didn't like he says "Why did you do that?" It makes my laugh every time.

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