Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday Night

We had a fun family night last night. We went over to the Eastern Shore Center to eat dinner and hang out. We ate dinner at Calfornia Dreaming it was really good! Even better than the food was the price. I had a coupon so it was $14 for our dinner!

Playing a very intense game of tic tac toe while waiting on our food.

Their was a fire truck their that Tanner fell in love with! The fireman gave them these hats.

Doesn't she look so grown there with her legs crossed! She named this statue Sally!

Tanner was not in the mood for having his picture taken so I had to sneak this one. He was watching the firemen raise the ladder all the way up. He was amazed!

We finished up the night with cookies from the cookie company and letting them play in the fountain. I love that fountain! The kids can play and play while Ryan and I can just hang out and talk. The two of then got in a water fight and it was hilarious! Ryan and I were "base" so they would fill their cup up sneak up on each other throw it in the other ones face and run to base! Needless to say Ryan and I ended up a little wet ourselves!

Today is recital day. Ryan got up early and went to ride bikes...45 miles, yea no fun! :) I got up when he did at 6 and have already worked out, showered, gotten all the recital stuff ready and made muffins! Now I'm just waiting on them to get up.
Wish Ryleigh luck today at her recital!!

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