Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sunday was Nana and Wesley's birthday. I've always thought it is cool that they share a birthday. Mine and Ryleigh's are 1 day apart and I have the same birthday as my dad's mom but I don't think I ever met her when she was alive...I'm not sure though. Anyway back to the birthdays!

We all ate at Aunt Cheryl's after church on Sunday to celebrate. Here is Nana holding Faith. Isn't she so cute! Everyone was fighting to get to hold her since we haven't seen her since she got home from the hospital. She is a miracle baby and we all are so glad she is doing so well!
Wesley turned 22. After his birthday Lindsey, Me, Whitney and him are all 2 years apart until Whitney's birthday in December. I know that was random but I've always thought that was kinda neat.
Saturday all the aunts and me, Lindsey, Whitney and Ryleigh met for lunch for Nana's birthday. She turned 70! after lunch they all went shopping but we had to head home to get ready for Ryleigh's recital.
We went to Ruby Tuesday's so everyone make these huge salads!
I just wanted to put this picture in here to show mom how the one time Ryleigh is looking at the camera and smiling she is looking away! It was till a cute picture though. We had a fun time at lunch!
Happy Birthday to Nana and Wesley! We love you!

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