Thursday, June 17, 2010

Orange Beach

This past weekend some friends of ours called and invited us to come down to the Beach for the day. We had so much fun hanging out at the pool all day. Ryleigh and Tanner have gotten to where they will swim all over the pool with floaties on with no help! I love the freedom that comes with them getting older!
Miss Priss trying to get a suntan. I didn't tell her that's virtually impossible when you have on SPF 70 that is reapplied every 2 hours!

Around 3 Ryan took them up to the condo and they took a nap. Later we were invited to some other friends condo who had went underwater spear fishing and had caught a bunch of fish.
They had a shuffle board game outside their condo and the kids had fun pushing the disk back and forth.
We wanted to walk down to the beach and see how bad the oil was. Ryleigh hitched a ride on Traveis's shoulders!
Look how bad it is! Isn't it just depressing! You literally can't get to the water without stepping in oil. Ryan walked across it to the water and it took him forever to get it off his feet. At all the condos they have a ton of stuff to clean your feet with by the showers that are normally used to rinse off your feet. They had a ton of chemical stuff to get it off with.
A rare family shot with me in it! Thanks Traveis!!
We actually ended up spending the night with them since it was so late when we got done eating. So Sunday we hung out at the pool and then went and ate at Tacky Jacks.

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