Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Letter for Today,

Dear Ryan, Thank you for my wonderful Mother’s Day presents. Yes, even after forcing me to ride my bike for 16 miles I am still thanking you. I am however not thanking you for eating the last pop tart. Tanner was not happy with you this morning when he woke up! Dear Tanner, you can start getting in our bed again in the middle of the night when you stop insisting on sleeping with whatever bug you caught that day. Dear Ryleigh, This is your last week of dance and I can’t wait to see how much you have learned in your recital. I’m so proud of you. Dear Gus, Please stop getting into Ryleigh and Tanners pool and then thinking I’m going to let you come inside. Dear Junior High kids, I have an awesome game for you guys to play this weekend which may or may not involve a diaper and eating something brown out of it. Oh the joy of Junior High Retreats! Dear iPhone, I hate you as much as I love you and the more I hate you the more I love you. It’s a terrible relationship that I am trying to break up. Dear Inventor of the book on tape, I have fallen in love you the past few weeks on my long trips to The Bayou. Thank you for making it go by faster. Dear Grass, since my husband will cut everyone’s grass but ours I’m going to need you to stop growing or I’ll be tempted to rip you completely up and replace you with AstroTurf. Don’t think I won’t. Dear Dyson, I’m in need of a new vacuum cleaner and would love you to send me one. For free of course. Dear Friday, will you please hurry up and get here. Dear Camera, please come back. I have no idea where I lost you and need you to return before we leave at 5:45 Friday morning. Dear Memorial Day, Thank you for being on a Monday and giving us a wonderful 4 day weekend

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