Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday nights at Nana and Paw Paw's

Every once in a while on our way home from church we stop by and see nana and paw paw. It's nights like those that I treasure the most. There is no agenda or anything planned to do just a wonderful hour of talking and laughing. Most of the time Velvet and "The Stinkin Boys" as Tanner calls them come over to. Last night Jordan was showing how strong he is!

When we said hold on Ryleigh so you don't fall off, Tanner grabbed her head with his feet and said "Don't worry Ry I have you!"

He could do push ups really well when it was just one of them on there. When we added two it got a little more difficult!

Then when we added Evan it became almost impossible! But he still managed to do it! See Tanner on the side of the picture? He decided to crawl under them and we all started screaming at him not to. We were scared Jordan might fall and they would crush him! Luckily he made it through but immediately started crying because he thought he was in trouble!

I don't think Ryleigh is quite big enough for you guys to make it under!

But Tan Man is! I'm sure by the time we were leaving Paw Paw was saying "Thank goodness!" I'll let you guys in on a little secret-my family is kinda loud! I know it's so hard to believe! :)

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