Friday, April 23, 2010

Aunt Whitney

Have I mentioned recently how much I love Whitney??
She ALWAYS makes me laugh and we have the best time together. We had an absolute blast spring break! I was so mad she wouldn't stay the whole week. I did talk her into staying an extra day though. She wouldn't miss anymore though because she said she needed to go to class. Who cares about school when you are having fun at the beach!
Ryleigh and Tanner love her to. Ryan does to we just drive him crazy when we are together because we act so insane. I'm sure we will totally embarrass Ryleigh and Tanner when they get a little older. But right now they think we are hilarious!
She saved the day Spring Break when Ryleigh busted her chin open. I literally almost passed out like 5 times at the doctors office so she pretty much had to carry both of us out of there. I think she was a little nervous!
She is also a great running "pacer!" We always start out for the first .25 of a mile together and then I always get way ahead. (She has very short legs! :) Then I run until I can't run anymore and stop and walk until she catches up with me. Then I start running again until I have to stop and walk until she catches me again. She never has to stop to walk which is so unfair!
She is one of my most favorite people and we love you so much Whitter Whitter Litter Critter!
(Ryleigh is obsessed with coming up with rhyming names for everyone!)
Also, The second picture is my favorite! She is such a great model!


whit said...

so im lovong the blog youwrote bout me! and im trying to get those pictures all together and put them in a portfoleo and send it to wal mart im sure i coulod be the cover model for there next magazine. cant you see me being the face of wal mart i like it lets make it happen!!!

The Stokley Family said...

Wal Mart?? At least shoot for Target!
(Your spelling is terrible!)