Thursday, April 1, 2010


My husband is insane.

Seriously, he's lost his mind.

My family still celebrates every single persons birthday. So we end up having a party at least twice a month. Well my birthday is Wednesday and with everything going on and everyone leaving for Spring Break it worked out that the only time to have my party would be on Easter. Which is fine with me because everyone would already be together.

I told mom that I would get Ryan to get the cake. I told him to get the smallest cake that Wal Mart has. I think it's an 1/8 of a sheet cake and it's like $10. We are going to have TONS of other deserts so there isn't any point in having a huge birthday cake with a lot leftover afterwards.

So, of course he doesn't listen to me. He takes Ryleigh and Tanner today to Butter Cream Dreams to pick out a cake for me. He tells me this on the phone after they had left. I asked him how much it was and he wouldn't tell me. I asked a hundred more times and he kept saying don't worry about it you didn't pay for it so it doesn't matter. (A little side note, all of our money goes into one account that I control except the money he gets from cutting grass. He uses that for whatever he wants and I never see any of it. It usually works out pretty good b/c he can buy things I would never spend money on and I have no right to get mad about it for example the Vera Bradley purse for a 4 year old!)

Once he wouldn't tell me how much it was I knew it was a lot. I was thinking like $40. So when we hung up I called Butter Cream Dreams. Guess how much the cake was.....$70.80!!!!!!!!!!


I told you he was INSANE!!!!

I immediately cancelled the order and told them I would come back on my lunch for a refund. They thought I was crazy but agreed. I then called mom and asked her to get me the small cake from Wal Mart. It's not that this cake was really that big, it served 16-24 people. It was all the crazy stuff they got on it like fondant decorations and my monogram??? Crazy stuff!

Maybe, just maybe if it was a big birthday like 30 or maybe even 25 I would want a cake like that but I'm turning 24! Not a big deal!

So I went in and got the money back, the good thing is they credited the money back to my debit card and not his separate account.

So it worked out. I'll be sure to tell him thank you for the Pedicure, new Old Navy Cardigan and bathing suit I'm buying with his $70!

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