Friday, April 2, 2010

Two 3yr olds

I have two 3year olds.

I’ve really enjoyed saying that lately. I love when I’m at work and someone asks me about my kids, how old are they? I respond with 3. They in turn say Oh! Wow Twins! Then I get the joy of saying nope we are just crazy. But are we really crazy?

People always ask us one of 2 questions. When are you going to have more kids? And How do you deal with 2 kids so close in age?

I respond with we aren’t having anymore and I couldn’t imagine not having them so close together.

It may be because I’ve never had them any other way than back to back but I really couldn’t imagine it any other way. They are on the same schedules and like to do the same things. They play well together (most days) and have the same friends. They go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. They eat the same foods and watch the same TV shows. If you ask me that sounds easier than a 3 yr old and a newborn.
They would be on completely opposite schedules, your 3yr old would go to bed early but the newborn would be up at all hours. Your 3yr old would wake up semi early leaving you to get up even if your newborn just went back down to sleep. You’re preparing two separate meals at every mealtime because they can’t eat the same food. You would have Dora on one TV and Baby Einstein on the other. And forget your 3yr old having legos or my little ponies because they aren’t responsible enough to pick them all up leaving them for your newborn to pick up.

So I know some people think we are crazy and don’t see how I don’t lose my mind some days but I love having two 3yr olds and wouldn’t have it any other way!

And an FYI on the 2nd question we get asked: “No, we aren’t planning on having any more kids. I can’t imagine giving up the freedom that we have come to know and love with having two 3yr olds. Newborns are too needy and I’m obviously not a newborn person. Is there any way to just have 3yr old without having to go through the baby stage?”

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